Play online slot Starlight Princess by Pragmatic

Starlight Princess is one of those games that enjoy tremendous success in any online casino. Just list this slot among the games, and dozens, even hundreds of thousands of people start playing it. And all of this is not without reason. We conducted our own investigation, the results of which you will see shortly.

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Any gamer wants to play only in safe slots. Therefore, everyone pays attention to the valid licenses that the casino has and the provider that provides the games. Pragmatic Play is exemplary in this regard, because they have several licenses from the most famous gaming commissions in the world: Gibraltar Regulatory Authority (GRA), Gambling Commission in Great Britain.

🕹️ Game Starlight Princess
⚙️ Provider Pragmatic Play
🧰 Year of Release 2021
🔥 Max Win 5000x
☝️ Return to Player (RTP) 96.50%
🎰 Volatility High
🏷️ Bonus Buy Yes
❓ Jackpot No
💥 Scatter Yes
⛔ Wild No

Gambling provider Pragmatic Play, which developed the Starlight Princess slot, is not just about slot machines. In late 2023, they partnered with Altenar to improve the sports betting market. Altenar COO, Dinos Stranomitis, said: “With the added assurance of our seamless and fully-customizable technology, we are excited to see them continue to expand their offering.”

Combinations and Symbols

Starlight Princess

When you initiate spins, you'll encounter 30 symbols on the screen. As you'll notice, traditional paylines aren't utilized here. Instead, the game operates based on the number of symbols appearing on the grid. If 6 or more symbols land, you win.

Symbols in Starlight Princess (arranged from lowest to highest value):

  • Yellow Stone
  • Turquoise Stone
  • Green Stone
  • Blue Stone
  • Red Stone
  • Blue Stone with a Star
  • Purple Stone with a Moon
  • Pink Stone with a Heart
  • Red Stone with a Sun
  • Princess (Scatter)

There's no Wild symbol in Starlight Princess. Instead, a special multiplier symbol is employed. It features a green heart with a multiplier inside, activating when a winning combination appears during a spin. The maximum multiplier in the base game of Starlight Princess is 500x.

Among all symbols, there's the Scatter, represented by the princess, the game's main character. If you're fortunate enough to land at least 4 Scatters during a regular spin, you trigger the bonus game. This round is complimentary, granting you 10 initial spins. If you activate the bonus game with 5 or 6 Scatters, the number of starting spins increases.

  • 4 Scatter symbols = 3x the bet.
  • 5 Scatter symbols = 5x the bet.
  • 6 Scatter symbols = 100x the bet.

If you're aiming to boost your chances of triggering the bonus feature, you can activate the "Double Chance" function. This requires an additional 25% added to your bet, accessible on the left side of the screen.

In Starlight Princess, there's a unique feature where players can purchase the bonus function using the "Bonus Buy" button. Paying a fixed price (100x your bet size) activates the bonus game instantly, bypassing the need to wait for 4 Scatters to appear on the grid. You can activate the Bonus Buy feature both in real-money play and in the free Starlight Princess Demo mode.

The format of bonus spins remains largely unchanged from regular gameplay. However, there's a twist: multipliers seen during normal spins in the Starlight Princess slot now persist! They only accumulate if applied to a winning combination. This feature allows for significant multiplier buildup, even a basic spin can yield substantial wins.

During the bonus round in Starlight Princess, you can also land Scatter symbols. If you collect 4 or more, you receive additional bonus spins within the same round. The multiplier doesn't reset and continues to accrue, enhancing each subsequent profitable spin.

Starlight Princess

Characteristics of the Starlight Princess Game

Starlight Princess game

Certainly, to provide an expert evaluation of the game, we had to test every aspect thoroughly. Through our own assessments, we determined the Starlight Princess RTP to be 96.50%. Additionally, the slot's volatility is notably high. This implies that every player has a chance at a significant win, although the likelihood of achieving one is quite slim.

If you're aiming for the maximum win, it's worth noting that it stands at 5000x your bet size here. We have done our own experiment and can confirm that it is 5000x that is the maximum winnings. When using the "Double Chance" feature to increase the chances of Scatter symbols appearing, the original stake is considered, without the Ante paid for activating the feature.

How to Play the Slot?

Play Starlight Princess

The Starlight Princess slot offers both enjoyment and real winnings. To play Starlight Princess, follow these simple steps:

  1. Choose a casino for real money play.
  2. Complete the registration process.
  3. Make a deposit.
  4. Open the game and adjust your bets.
  5. Start playing!

However, if you prefer not to spend your own money and want to try for the maximum win, Starlight Princess Demo is always available. It's a free mode where you don't need a balance to start playing.

Starlight Princess: Conclusion

Starlight Princess slot

If the anime theme of the Starlight Princess slot doesn't appeal to you but you enjoy the gameplay mechanics, you can explore other similar games from Pragmatic Play. For everyone else, it's worth trying the game for real money or completely free.


What is Starlight Princess and what sets it apart?

Starlight Princess is an online slot that once distinguished itself not only in terms of its game mechanics, but also visually. Today, it is one of the leading slots to play for real money and free.

How do the bonus features work in Starlight Princess?

There is only one bonus feature in Starlight Princess. A roll of four or more Scatter symbols triggers the bonus round, giving players free spins. The feature can also be purchased through the Bonus Buy button.

What are the main features of Starlight Princess?

The volatility of the Starlight Princess slot has proven to be quite high. The RTP at 96.50%, which is an average level in online games. If you expect to catch the maximum winnings, in Starlight Princess slot it is 5000x. There are no jackpots here.