Starlight Princess Demo - Free Online Slot by Pragmatic Play

When it comes to online casino slot machines, many assume that playing requires real money. However, that's not the case; anyone can test a slot entirely for free! That's where the Starlight Princess Demo mode comes in. All slots from the provider Pragmatic Play come equipped with such a mode. In this game, you won't be spending your own money to enjoy a dose of excitement.

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There's no need to worry about the safety of playing in Starlight Princess Demo mode. Pragmatic Play holds all the necessary licenses for conducting its business. One of the most challenging to obtain is the license from the UK Gambling Commission, and Pragmatic Play has this license, identifiable by the number 56015.

Starlight Princess demo

Pragmatic Play provides not only slots but also live games. The provider tries to keep up with its competitors, so it recently signed an expanded agreement with BetMGM and LeoVegas to expand its lineup of branded live games. Pragmatic Play COO Irina Cornides said: “Our extensive suite of customization options adds another dimension for our customers, who can quickly and easily stand out with uniquely tailored and branded content.”


Starlight Princess

When you embark on playing Starlight Princess Demo or for real money, understanding the payout principles based on the number of symbols on the game table becomes essential. In the Starlight Princess Demo game, non-standard lines are utilized, but rather combinations based on the quantity of symbols on the game table. We conducted research yielding precise payout details for each symbol.

Number of Symbols 4 5 6 8-9 10-11 12+
🟨 Yellow Stone - - - 25 75 200
💎 Turquoise Stone - - - 40 90 400
🟩 Green Stone - - - 50 100 500
🟦 Blue Stone - - - 80 120 800
🟥 Red Stone - - - 100 150 1000
✨ Blue Stone with a Star - - - 150 200 1200
🌘 Purple Stone with a Moon - - - 200 500 1500
💖 Pink Stone with a Heart - - - 250 1000 2500
🌞 Red Stone with a Sun - - - 1000 2500 5000
👑 Princess (Scatter) 300 500 10 000 - - -

Starlight Princess demo

As you may notice, there are not only standard symbols but also Scatter symbols. It's a special symbol featuring the princess, triggering the bonus feature. All you need is to land 4 or more Scatter symbols. However, the Wild symbol is absent in the Starlight Princess Demo game because combinations are built not based on classic line principles.


Starlight Princess bonus

When the bonus feature is triggered, you'll notice a new format for awarding winnings. The more you win in the Starlight Princess Demo bonus game, the higher your payout. The key is that all accrued multipliers are retained, allowing you to apply them to any subsequent win, multiplied by a special symbol that regularly appears on the field.

Moreover, if during the bonus game, 4 or more Scatter symbols appear on the field again, you receive additional spins in this bonus feature! What's remarkable is that the multiplier persists and applies to subsequent free spins too! We've verified this firsthand, enabling us to assert confidently. You can also verify it yourself in Starlight Princess Demo mode, available to every visitor on the official Pragmatic Play website.


Starlight Princess FAQ

What is Starlight Princess Demo?

Starlight Princess Demo is a free version of the slot game. You will be able to play the game without deposit and registration on slots and other cash games sites.

How can I access the Starlight Princess demo version?

You can play Starlight Princess Demo at the provider's official website or at any licensed online casino.

Are there any restrictions for playing the Starlight Princess demo version?

Although Starlight Princess Demo gives you a complete overview of the game, it does not give you the opportunity to win real money. In addition, some features or customization may differ from the real money version, but the basic gameplay remains the same for evaluation purposes.